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I enjoyed the original demo a couple years ago. Are there any plans to release the full version for Mac? Thank you!

wowowoieeiirei i love this game i hope you get the support you need to finish it 

aaaAAA i need the full game ! so awesome! and the artwork is amazing.

Love it!

Cool job, guys!

I absolutely love the demo so far! Can’t wait to learn more about the world of Shang-La! Though I do have the ability to wait, so please take your time and do not overwork yourselves/yourself. That’s not good for you.


I really liked the demo, the world is well built and the characters interesting. besides that the dialogue is well written and the artstyle is simply beautiful. definitely can't wait for the full release on steam to play what's sure to become a gem of a game


Everytime I see new stuff for this game I get so excited! I'm holding back to play until it's all done because I know I won't be able to wait!!! <3